Jinbi Park 진비디자인

Hometown: Busan, South Korea

Lives and Works: New York, New York

Jinbi was born and raised in Busan, South Korea. She studied English literature at Kyung-sung University, South Korea and European-American culture at Seigakuin University, Japan where she graduated with BFA as a transfer student. Always looking to get more out of life, Jinbi concurrently obtained her graduate degree in Gemologist at GIA Japan and then went on to work at Shima Japan in Ginza, Tokyo where she focused on diamonds, and in particular, Bridal Jewelry. 

Jinbi's modern and unique jewelry pieces offer an integral balance between complexity and elegance to complement any fashion style. Each piece is made in New York and carries its own individuality and design: custom handmade pieces are developed from extraordinary techniques implementing silver and gold alloys, Japanese metals Shakudo, Shibuichi, Mokume-gane and ready-made jewelry is created with Jinbi's extensive skills in silver and goldsmithing.

Jinbi's love for the environment is evidenced by the composition of her pieces, which implement ethically, responsibly sourced diamonds, gemstones, and recycled metals. 

"Each piece I create, each collection I compose is a reflection of an unknown future, driven by my passion and excitement to explore spontaneous adventures or chase dreams, aspirations, or hopes" - Jinbi Park