Wu Kai Xun 吴开洵

Hometown: Chengdu, China

Lives and Works: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Wu Kai Xun is a Chinese born architect and designer. As an architectural background designer, he attempts to design in different fields such as product, installation and architecture, to find the same value they shared together.

During the course of his career, Kai has teamed up with several outstanding foreign architects and designers, and participated in several exhibitions. Most recently his Colorfall Table designed with Estefania Muñoz exhibited at Paris Design in September of 2017. His product design Fluid Lamp exhibited in International Design Festival (DMY) Berlin, 2016. His urban proposal Melting City exhibited in State of Design, Berlin, 2016. His material research Fluidity Formation exhibited in the group exhibition Active Borders by SAC in 2015 Frankfurt am Main.

Kai is currently working at schneider+schumacher architekten in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in addition to the studio he shares with designers Estefania Muñoz and Miloš Kašul Nikolić,



Works by Wu Kai Xun